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Skin Imaging Analysis

Skin Imaging Analysis


15 Minutes

Our comprehensive skin analysis gives you all of the information you’ve ever wanted to know about your skin, including, pores, wrinkles, pigment, skin roughness, sun damage, locations where wrinkles are beginning to form, Oil production, broken capillaries, skin age, & hydration levels.

Skin analysis helps to identify the client’s skin type, strengths, and flaws. The skin analysis allows you to see the state of all areas of your skin, and the images allow you to analyze oil, moisture, elasticity, and collagen in your skin.

Steps for Estheticians to do Skin Analysis

There are four steps for estheticians to do skin analysis. These include the following:

Skin analysis aims to reveal skin problems that could be difficult to identify with the naked eye. Skin analysis visualizes deep skin problems and helps facilitate early warning and correct determination of skin problems to receive the best skincare and the right products for your skin. It is important to understand skin types.


Analysis measures water content, sebaceous gland secretion, skin pH, and the degree of skin reaction to the outside world. Normal skin is ideal, but dry skin is prevalent and may be related to wind and sun exposure, excessive washing, and congenital factors. Oily skin is related to high androgen segregation, and sensitive skin is reactive to external stimuli. Some women have a combination skin texture. This type of skin includes two or more kinds of appearance, with the T-zone area prone to oil and the rest of the face dry.

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